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Peaceful People Persisting will change the world

    Which aspects of God are you experiencing today ?
Nove. 20, 2017                   

    Sai Baba Archives dedicated in his beloved India 11/21/2017

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                                                                     Nov. 21. 2017
Woke up this morning announcing "this is a very good day, yes it is",  I went on to add, "it's a humpty dumpty day!  All the kings horses and men can't put it back together again."  I am certain we have turned an important corner in the movement toward greater freedom and equality.  Enjoy this holiday season with bundles of gratitude and love for all.
                                                                     Nov. 20, 2017
Grateful for the Unending Compassion We Are All Worthy Of.  Today the news announced the passing of Charles Manson.  Manson is described as one of the worst murderers in America.  He lived 83 years, most of them in institutions.  I pray for his enlightenment and restoration to wellness. Just as I pray for those he harmed.   I found this on another site and share it here to honor all those who do the work to heal themselves.  We are loved and supported always!
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                                                           Nov. 18, 2017
Today is the new moon, Scorpio new moon.  My astrologer friends report this is a day that the deeply buried darkness of earlier times and situations will be coming into the light for healing and release.  In my mediatation last night, I experienced a method to identify that in myself which most needs to be recognized and released.  The experience was energizing and most positive.  Too often healing method are wrapped in pain and angst, leaving me asking "wasn't it enough to have had the original experience?  Did I really need to relive it?  And was it worth it?"  I will be offering this much improved method in my healing work for sure.  So Grateful!
                                          Nov. 13, 2017
   Sensing a recurring question again this morning, "what do you want to do next?".  I am reminded of 1988 when I was facing the same question with full awareness of my tools and abilities.  Over the last 19 years I have been able to experience my desires and more, in arrangements that didn't always make sense but do in retrospect.  I am certain that I am well equipped to select the just right endeavors for my next engagements.  The issue at this moment is "what to select?:.  Ask the heart rumbles in with an accompanying question, "how long will you procrastinate?"
What does my Free Will choose now?  I will continue empowering others seeking greater insights and health.
I am aware that my sensitivity to loud and violent people and environments has increased steadily, especially this year.  Knowing that has to be a factor in making my selection.  There was a time that I could and would lead the charge against abuse of power and argue for fairness for all.  Today I accept that the best I can do is share knowledge about the experiences that resulted from my actions and let others, better able to handle the front lines,  fight the good fights.   
I have decided to live more openly and accept what presents itself to me as the best path for now.
                                              Nov 9, 2017
When time seems endless and my needs are taken care of I find inspiration and fresh energy to follow through on those musings.  Today as I dealt with no heat in the house, I noticed how easy it was to make the phone call to bring service workers to fix the problem.  No stress, worry or anger arose.  No unwelcomed expressions for the situation from anyone because I was alone with the situation and managed it with a smile.  I am blessed!  I am grateful and blessed and that is more than enough.  
The last few months past lives and Akashic Records are coming to my attention frequently.  I have decided to prepare a lecture and a workshop on the askasha for 2018.  It is well to understand that reincarnation isn't always linear or entirely personality connected.


                                                 Nov. 5, 2017

  Yes, it was a super moon, larger than usual and golden in color.  An astrologer friend remarked that people will be revisiting major life issues from 1982 for the next year.   Two of the people reading her post replied I was a toddler that year I don't have any memories or issues from that time.  I was in my early 30's and quickly identified with the statement.

I sense world changes being triggered at this time and reviewed the global scene from 1982.  Michael Jackson released his record breaking album Thriller.  Commodor computer launches and ATT agrees to break up it's monopoly in 1982.  The first computer virus infected an Apple computer.

The US midwest had record breaking cold winter.  Let's see if these issues come up during the coming year?



                                                 November 1, 2017

Blessings on this All Soul's Day!  Let us affirm the continuity of life in all dimensions, We are One.  The increased clarity that appears to have been delivered by a beautiful hawk visitor while I was in Ocala, FL recently reminds me of this Commandment, "Thou shall have no other God before me".  This includes religions and politics!  Fear and greed have derailed many lives on earth.  The intense emotional energy connected to religion and politics is holding us in a destructive pattern.  This must be corrected if this planet is to survive.

Earth is a precious place evolving and balancing needs of life forms in great varieties.  We are visitors here nurtured and supported, allowed to learn so much that isn't available elesewhere.  Pray for peace so that it can continue.



                                              October 27, 2017

 Hats off to the brave women who have spoken out about the unwelcome sexual harrassment and abuse they have experienced.

Debasing one's self to demonstrate kindness and humility is a fatal mistake.  I find this mis conception is held by women more often than by men.  It is learned early in life via attempts to bring harmony, peace and good will from others.  "Be Nice" frequently introduces the thought that being fair and honest about one's own needs and wants is selfish and wrong.  Somewhere the notion that everyone can rise and succeed is twisted into "nice girls keep quiet and let others have their way or go first."  I've realized "be nice" is a nasty code for debase yourself.

Honesty and open negotiations can empower all people.  We need not accept competition and dominance, winners and losers, as the only way of living.  


                                   October 25, 2017      
At the start of the Danville VA phase of my adventures.  Waking up here is so pleasant and affirming.  I have reached a knowing that surpasses  seeking and journaling insights, ahha moments can't match all that is embraced now.  Talking with a coworker from many years ago today affirmed that she too is sharing my plateau of joyous living.  Living with acceptance, in place of trying to control, removes the struggle that creates tension, anxiety and fear.  We are free to alter our vibratory frequencies to attract and experience life as we wish, and must allow others to do likewise.
                                               October 17, 2017   
Enjoying my time in central Florida.  Divinely inspired encounters are frequently occuring with family, friends and clients.  I am grateful beyond words.  Recent dreams show me when and where I buried pieces of myself to accomodate momentary situations.  Not sure why I didn't remember to gather and activate those essential parts once the circunstances changed again but I must admit that I didn't and it has had negative impacts.  Remember to Take Inventory when you move on in life.  Bring all the best parts!                         
                                               October 11, 2017
When I am comfortable and accepted without conditions, I find myself happy!  It's such a simple key to create openness and caring about others.  Oh this must be the natural way of being that we were all destined for.  Thinking about when something other became the norm I see back in time and through generations and the lack of comfort and acceptance others in those earlier times experienced too and I have compassion for all. May we each be the unconditional shelter and source of love that is so needed in our world.
                                                             October 1, 2017
Welcome to a new month, a favorite month of mine because so many of my family members and friends share birthdays with me in October.  Considering the extremely sad and chaotic summer we have all just lived though, I can honesty say we are doing very well.
Our personal experiences are a micro view of the suffering and transitions going on all over the world now.  Either it is due to wars, weather or violent reactions to the words and deeds of others.  We, as a people, are doing our best to move forward and upward.
Bless us all each and every day and may we remember daily to be grateful.
                                        Sept 27, 2017
Pluto finally went direct in Capricorn yesterday.....that is deepest underworld stuff arriving in the now.  I am resigning from the political arguments for now. No longer discussions so why participate?  The divisiveness we are growing into is completely unacceptable to me.  Tolerance, Middle ground and Coexistence is over for now. Pluto's stage has been well designed.  Pray for Peace!
                              Sept 25, 2017
The weekend passed with more inflamatory twisting our right to free speech and peaceful protest, led by a foul mouth unreliable man who holds the highest office in our land. 
I am able to honestly state I have friendships that I value on both sides of our current political chaos.  I am an American and will remain faithful to our Constituation and Bill of Rights above any other reference point in deciding what is right.  The right to free speech and peaceful protest are protected rights and I will continue to support that whether I agree with your side or not.  Please afford me the same consideration.  Together we can build greatness.  Thank You!
                                        Sept. 22, 2017
Blessings of the good harvest!  Today marks the beginning of Autumn in our hemisphere.  The days get shorter and cooler as we prepare to usher in winter in December.  The intense summer months have unbalanced most of us in various ways.
Embrace this day of renewed balance and orderly transition as we affirm the bounty of Mother Nature.  Let us enjoy the fruits of our labor and share freely as we affirm that we are blessed with abundance.  One of my favorite affirmations is "I am blessed to have more than enough to share".  Let this be true for you too!


                              Sept 19, 2017
Wow it doesn't stop or even slow down lately,,,,another Cat 5 in the islands????  I pray it stays away from Florida this time.  I have a visit coming up soon and really look forward to being with family and friends there.
I accept that the weather is no different that the rest of life lately, no one is sparred the disruptions of unexpected events that we aren't able to control.  The lesson isn't about being stronger and suffering more deeply as I understand it.  We are prompted to look within for strength and peace and wisdom because that is the only constant we are able to rely on in these times.
I have way too many examples of the above to cite now.  They all come back to trusting one's inner self and forgiving all the rest.  One day in our collective evolution we will see that all the rest is us too.  For now, let's just accept what we can and love all.
                                                        Sept. 15, 2017
  I am seeing the word Antifa used frequently in social media this week.  I have observed it used by both conservative and liberal individuals.  Today I read a post by a popular leader of the liberal movement complaining that there hadn't been enough opposition to war.  I totally agree with that statement!  Until we end violence in ourselves and our environment we will continue to suffer blame and hurt others.  The definition of Antifa needs more exposure if it is to become widely used and debated.
Wikipedia defines the word as:   opposition to fascist ideologies, groups and individuals. The anti-fascist movement began in a few European countries in the 1920s, and eventually spread to other countries around the world.  A former LEO recently informed me that antifas are terroists. 
 CNN used their 8/14/17 show to define the word in relation to the white supremist demonstration in Charlottesville VA.  At the time that confused me totally.  I didn't see any coverage of opposition to that group of hateful demonstrators covered in MSM.
Today TheDailyBeast wrote the Dems don't have an antifa, yet the GOP have white supremists and that's a problem.  Ok now the context makes the meaning clear. 
                              Sept 13, 2017 
Raise your banner for all that is good and helpful in life, be it personally helpful or good for the planet and all lliving creatures.  Too much effort is wasted complaining and dreading what we can't control. what has been and what might come.  Celebrate this day of life on mother earth!  We are only visitors you know.  One day we will leave these physical bodies here and move into spiritual planes.   I trust that we will take some good lessons and much love with us.
                                            Sept. 11,  2017
  Offering love and peace to all those who suffered and perished 16 years ago on this day.  Our country embraced and grieved and worked to recover.  We held everyone together as families grieved.  We lived love! Today we offer prayers of gratitude for the Divine Wisdom that holds and guides us toward a better tomorrow.
We must discern what is outside of ones control and accept the outcomes without judgment, while staying focused on the positive to come. This leads to peace as I understand it today..
                                           Sept 7, 2017
  We in North America are preoccupied with hurricanes at this time.  No fewer than 3 large systems are moving toward us with powerful winds and huge amounts of rain.  All this comes in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey's delivery of 50 inches of rain in a few days time.  The flooding has displaced thousands of families so far.
In stressful times of this magnitude please remember to say no to fear based thoughts.  Focus on the desired outcome and allow your thoughts to contribute to a better outcome for all.  Be grateful for the power of us!
                            Sept 3.2017  
When the best we can do is offer prayer it is enough. 
                                              Sept 2, 2017
  I am reminded that pain comes from excess energy, like festering abcesses the pressure builds until it explodes and drains.  Breathing to release the excess is a natural method to begin to restore balance, wellness and peace.  Each breath is an opportunity to restore to health.  Let us celebrate that built in healing which serves even those who have no understanding of its power. Refuse to hold on to anything that isn't serving your highest and best state of being.  Look up and breath in and out with gratitude.
                               August 29, 2017
  I awoke today with the image of a stoic woman sitting alone with a single flame holding her focus.  The story began to unfold and concluded with her emerging from the solitude. I pray all those who are suffering and isolated will be relieved today.
                                               August 25, 2017
My family suffers a tradgic loss which began on August 18th.  Joseph Daniel Collins age 17 was hit and killed by a drunk driver who fled the scene.  Thank you to everyone who said a prayer, sent a card or flowers and brought food to the family.  We are truly blessed by each of you and the love and kindness you have shown.  My grandson is loved and cherished. He is remembered for his heart of gold and quick wit.  His sister's video tribute was such a gift to all of us.
                                               August 22, 2017
                             Resentment always leads to more resentment.
                                      Only contentment leads to contentment.

          From Tao Te Ching, Chapter 79         Thanks to William Martin  for posting     
                                                 August 18, 2017
Enjoying reconnecting with friends in Buffalo this week.  I am truly blessed to have such generous friends to host, entertain and feed me so well. Three of us are returning to Lily Dale bookstore gift shop Sunday.  I started adding Pau D Arco tea, made from tree bark in Brazil, to my daily intake.  It is recommended to fight cancer, fungal infections and balance the biotics too.  I am glad that the taste is mellow.
                                                 August 13, 2017
Yesterday my friend from Ohio joined me in Lily Dale, NY for the weekend.  We enjoyed a good BBQ chicken dinner western NY style during an Elvis Impersonator performance at a new business in Dunkirk, NY last night.  We followed that with a spiritual development circle led by John White, a seasoned medium in Lily Dale.
Today we will attend the annual members meeting in the historic Lily Dale Auditorium.  A very special place of free thinking and women's rights.  I was humbled to realize that Susan B. Anthony had walked the platform (stage) just as I had to address audiences in attendance.  I pray today. that we have the quality of focused delivery that is the key to higher understanding.
                         August 1, 2017
The new month finds me peacefully enjoying the hospitity of my friend in Ohio.  Here is where I find myself recalling time with my grandmother.  Unconditional love and funny sprinkles all during the day and night.

 My favorite shoe store and hair stylist are nearby too. My friend tells me this is a recovery house and I believe her. I experience waves of gratitude at unscripted times and know I am blessed.

                                    July 23, 2017
Sun conjoins Mars in Leo today...things heat up and heart felt speaking with passionate honestly should be expected and appreciated all week.  I'm not an astrologer but there are times when my attention is directed to the information gleaned by this ancient method.  We are in the month prior to a solar eclipse that will cross the USA from west to east being visable to most of the country.  It has been more than 90 years since this happened.  It is a preparation time that we are experiencing now.  Compassionate thinking and actions will remove karmic situations if we are willing to really forgive and accept forgiveness.  Ones freedom depends only on their own thoughts and deeds.
                                July 22, 2017
We are about to shift in a lengthy cycle of Mars in Leo today.  This is my natal position for Mars and I usually find myself energized and active during this cycle.  Considering all that is and has transpired  I honestly welcome the heightened energy.  
Reading an article on "how not to be offended"  was most welcome in preparation for the clan gathering for my mother's funeral services.  Weddings and Funerals always bring out the archetypes among relatives.  I expect my scapegoat to take a final bow and exit.
                                 July 19, 2017 
It has been a very eventful 2 weeks since I last posted.  My husband of 27 years and I have amicably agreed to separate.  The recent melanoma biopsy came back clear following my facial surgery.  My 86 year old mother, according to Hospice, is in the last days of living with Alzheimers.  I hear so many stories from people who are in similar situations of late.  We, or at least many of us, are being re ordered on to paths and opportunities we are unfamiliar with.  I have offered prayers of gratitude that all of this is working for the highest and best possible for all concerned.   There are times when the only response is Yes!
                                 July 6, 2017
   Love never dies.  It does reach points of conclusion which always serve    the greater good.  Be still and know!
                                 July 2, 2017
With my thoughts on freedom and independence this holiday weekend....
 I am Green living in a very Red state. I was Blue for more than 4 decades until the last primary.  Politics used to be a seasonal sport engaged in lightly every four years but it's no longer the case.  The tug a war playing out in our country makes fools of us and provides emotional distraction from real issues that we need to unite on: national health coverage, education, jobs, infrastructure, liveable incomes for everyone, homelessness and because we have stayed at war for so long veterans have immense issues that deserve attention and resources too.
 The war based economy that we  built, 20th century models  no longer provide the domestic security it once did. Guns, uniforms, boots, flags, canteens, tents and caskets are imports today.  Other countries grow when we fight and die around the globe.  We bomb in several countries on a frequent basis to support middle eastern oil plans and profits.
Yes, we have real important issues to unite us!  Where are we?  Why do we permit the distractions to divide us?  Our present independence requires freedom from corporatists and the elected representatives they buy to do their bidding.
Wake Americans UP to the power we hold when we unite.
JuneJuneth ce
Jun                                          June 29, 2017
Step Up, Step Out, Step On It, Steps to Success, Step Along the Way, Step Down, Step on Toes, Mis Step, etc.  All those actions require getting up on one's feet first.
Today I focused attention on my feet.  I stood looking down and breathing without reason or expectation.  I appreciate my feet and all they provide. Dancing was a favorite activity in years past and my feet were strong and agile then.  Today they are more sedate but capable of carrying my body as I direct it.
Many years of life experiences came into my minds eye like a flash documentary.  I knew a time when being able to stand and walk was very difficult for a year or so.  Even with that challenge I still stepped up to the plate of life, aided by mechanical devises for sure, but I still stood and stepped up to the task of living.  If there is a message to be gleaned here it is be true to yourself and your ability to continue to move forward and upward until you no longer can.
                                June 28, 2017  

 I have a "can't miss it" scar on my face.  Skillful skin cancer removal brought it about.  During my 65 years in this skin suit, I have grown several other scars intermittently.

  They are concealed by clothing. No one knows they are here so I don't deal with questions or comments about them. I might talk about them but if so I would feel the need to show them too and that would be socially unacceptable. This scar can't be overlooked, ignored, hidden or denied.  I prefer it to any tattoo I've seen

The surgeon tells me once this new scar has time to heal it will blend in with the normal lines on my face. I must create some interesting stories about it. A pirate version with swords because I live in Blackbeard country, a victim/martyr version because people relate to those stories, and a savior story because it was my childhood favorite.  I expect to cherish and enjoy this revealing scar for as long as it remains with me..

                                     June 27, 2017  
     The golden orange sunset held the lingering gaze of everyone seeing it over Swansboro harbor tonight.  In the cloud centered directly above the sun was the profile of a fox, the sun became the foxes chest.  A blazing heart for all to see.
 Let's invest more time and attention in clouds and sunsets. The cloud fox spoke long and loud to me tonight. 
Fox is considered a shape shifter as well as a messager of the deceased. adapting to both worlds easily.  There is a sense of magic arriving.
                                                June 26,02017
 A good friend, who happens to be a physician, suggested I might want to give a supplement a try that they found helpful with greater memory and mindfulness. I have taken 1000mg  daily for a month and agree totally.  It is called Phosphatidylserine.
                                             June 24, 2017
                       I am too full of life to be half loved.
June ne                                     June 23, 2017

The new moon has me reflecting.  How does darkness do that?  It opens rooms of ourselves to us much like a Hitchcock film, discreetly exhibiting us in a scene that has been overlooked until now.  My recent eye exam tells me I can see very well when I chose to.h

The thought of seeing more in darkness brings my awareness to the various camouflage trappings I get distracted by and lost in. Time is a lie, we use it for companions focused on their goals and needs, and we confuse ourselves about our true thoughts, feelings, needs and goals.

Encounters hide in sparse rooms waiting for the darkness of the new moon to expose us to our gallery of abandoned experiences.  It's much like going into grandmother's attic and seeing old dolls and toys she once loved from so long ago.  Each one has a story that ends with, she moved on to something else.
LIFE goes on and so do I.  It's a chore to retrace ones steps and examine discarded material no matter the reason for the separation.  It is not in the present except in ones personal attic.  Letting go doesn't mean the bond was non existent.  It does demonstrate the change patterns we co exist with and benefit from sometimes and grieve at other times.
Our uniqueness is in the details.  Gratitude and forgiveness heal it all.  Remember the love.



June 22, 2017

When I find negative patterns repeating in my life I ask, how they can serve a good purpose;  then listen for an answer.  The honest answer brings greater insight than I perceived prior to asking about it.  In the case of a dishonest answer, sarcasm etc, I dismiss it and ask again.  When more understanding is gleaned, calm and relaxation return to me. My current goal is to gain the benefit of such instances without labeling them as negative in the first place.


June 18, 2017

Health issues have kept me from my writing the last few days.  My fur baby, Schatzi was attacked by fire ants and has had a serious issue with his rear leg.  Today it finally showed signs of starting to heal.  We dote on and care for our fur family just as we do our humans in need.

Today I have been saddened by several incidents of violence on the planet.  I have asked everyone to Pray for Peace until it is achieved.  The pollution spewn about the environment is another source of violence that I pray we will bring to an end for all time.


June 14, 2017

Faith holds us, Love lifts us and Hope leads us.

The violence acted out today requires compassion and prayers for peace on earth.



June 13, 2017

Compassion is the heart of Buddhism.

 All beings suffer, why judge any?

Generous acceptance of life includes eating, working and sharing.

No life form exits to consume itself.  We are here for each other.  

Be Kind in all times.


June 12, 2017

Mars in Cancer, my natal 7th house where Uranus resides.  Relationships form and dissolve quickly for me.  I have known many very intimate bondings but the timing and duration of them seems out of my hands in each situation.  Something powerful brings us together and takes us apart.  There is a sense of misson or purpose at work but I haven't always recognized it while engaged.  The opportunity to explore my thoughts and feelings combines; wonder, joy, creative expressions as well as pain, frustration and confusion.  Today I saw an oncologist for the first time.  We discussed surgery. Oh I am confident I will survive and heal this time.  The experience has rung a loud but comforting bell for me.  Two thirds of this incarnation has gone by.  What is it that I still want or need to do?  Embrace the Tao and Be.



June 11, 2017

Popping a blister, the pain and pressure are immense.  We instantly wish it hadn't happened.  Grabbing the site to end the pain is natural.

 Allowing the pain to release is beneficial.  

Now healing can begin.


June 8, 2017

Years ago when I was experiencing major life changes I had a dream that clearly stated "you can't dance with chaos".  I was trapped in feeling of guilt and condemnation for the mess I was immersed in at the time.  An ongoing issue for this lifetime has been when to take responsibility and when to accept something as what is right at this time without attachment.
The lack of harmony, that must be part of transitional periods, keeps us off balance until we align anew.  It is not a fault, it is a process, part of the journey.  There is no blame (responsibility) associated with it. In fact when we engage with full faith in God's mysterious design, we embrace it fully with enthusiastic anticipation for the next plateau, where a sense of balance is restored.
Because we understand that imbalance is the source of dis=ease and mis= understandings and mis= steps the dreams message is perfect.
In my present chaos, I embrace the process of transition including my faith and trust in the just right steps and outcome.
The plateaus are times of peace, harmony and rest. We can dance there.  The chaos is growth in progress. Celebrate both states of being.



June 5, 2017

"O man! What do you really want? To be a small egocentric entity full of miseries and sufferings, a slave of illusory sense pleasures or to realise that you are the formless, timeless and ever free consciousness, always content, happy and peaceful?"
~ Swami Nityamuktananda



5/292017  Memorial Day Recognition

 In memory of those who passed due to violence and wars and the loved ones who mourn their passing, I respect today's remembrance. I can imagine our planet without wars and violence so easily.  Then I recall the changes, progress we have made in the human existence, and see how suffering those horrible conditions broke new ground for the betterment so many times. It's as if this planet must continue to compete and strive and offend others, in it's DNA, embedded deeply in the earth psyche.  Seeing the reality with some perspective of transcendence brings forth compassion rather than disgust and sorrow.


So exactly right!  How and when one transforms is part of the mystery. It can't be scheduled or manipulated.  Genuine Self always arises at the perfect time in simple ways. The Soul responds with Yes, while ego responds with Wow!  Yes is an embrace, wow is a separation statement.              



5/7/17   Avoid the bait, hold out for a better offer  It's more merciful than debating.  It's ok to say NO! 

  Suffering without compassion helps no one. 



5/5/17 Grasping the assurances coming from unlikely sources today.  We are loved unconditionally always.  Our wisdom is awakening collectively and we are accepting the truth that none are lost.  We are the ones we've been waiting for. Share yourself today!


5/4/17  The American President has just declared a national day of prayer....Let us pray he will stop violating the country that loves life and liberty for all. Amen


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