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  05/06/20  Amazing session today I can't say enough.  KC



I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for our recent session we shared at the Healing Expo at the Unity Church this past Saturday. My name is Wendy and we chatted about my deceased friend, David, who passed in a motorcycle accident, who was encouraging me to reach out to his parents to let them know he was ok…I am in the process of doing that today and just wanted to thank you for bringing that message to me.


02/10/2019 Julie Lux McCarthy I have Inner Voices chakra cards...and LOVE THEM!!! The guide inside teaches you how to use them and after awhile, you begin to just know the message intended....whether i want to hear that message or not.....the message is there. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE CARDS!


09/11/18  This class is 1,000,000% where I am supposed to be! I feel 10lbs lighter right now. That was my first successful meditation as well as activation!!  Dawn C VA? The white beam of light opening my crown chakra was incredible! 


08/23/2018  Thank you... for the message from my dad about the left front on my car. I have had it repaired now, it was a wheel bearing. So glad I was there to receive this important message from you.  Tara in VA

 Most of my introduction to the world of Modern Spiritualism has been through Jackie Lunger. I interviewed her for a book I was writing three years ago and found her to be knowledgeable and sincere in her practice of mediumship. She has since guided me through the journey of becoming a Spiritualist (a journey I hadn't expected to take). She not only delivers significant messages from Spirit, but also offers counselling to help sort them out. She is very supportive and always willing to answer my questions and offer advice. I highly recommend her as a teacher, a healer and a  medium        


Extremely Gifted in Infinite aspects....and full of pithy practicalities....her CLARITY comes straight from her soul...she is able to state Truth, but without judgment in any aspect of her being.  I first met her over thirty years ago....and am Enriched to call her Friend as well as a to Endorse what she Shares with others.  Jacqueline is Love & Pristine Integrity !  By


Inner Voices Chakra Cards are a Great Tool for Intuitive Development, June 7, 2017  By Alisa Lockport, NYhis review is from: Inner Voices Chakra Cards (Cards)
I purchased my Inner Voice Cards for my psychic development class to practice their intuition. My class loved them. The cards are beautifully decorated and colorful. The deck is of great quality for many years of use. The instructions are easy to follow and my group was surprised how the cards validated their questions. I do recommend others to use the Inner Voice Cards for individual or group development.
Faith, Intution and Trust in the Divine., March 8, 2016
This review is from: Commander Collins' Will: memoir (Psychic Chronicles Book 1)
This is a book about psychic experiences, but it is just as much a book about faith , intuition. and trust in the Divine, in yourself and in loved ones on any plane. In other words, getting in touch with the psychic in yourself is very much about how you see yourself and see the world. Do you see the Divine Hand is what happens around you? Do you see love acting on your world? Are you acting with love and in what is your understanding of the Highest and the Best? All these things are important whether you believe in psychic things or not. Ms. Lunger had trust in the justice of her goal and in the help of the love of her deceased husband and of the Divine. I thought the book was uplifting. It reminded me of how I should be looking at my own world.


I was at this reading when the truth came to light about the murder of Crystal Lynn and the freeing of her mother Lynn Dejack!! Read the book!! I was read before by Jacqueline and everything she said was spot on!!




Thought Provoking, March 16, 2015

This review is from: "There's DNA to Prove It": message from beyond (Psychic Chronicles Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
An interesting concept, as one who believes in reincarnation and rebirth. This book takes it to a new level.
Help for the Innocent, April 10, 2015  
 CoThis review is from: "There's DNA to Prove It": message from beyond (Psychic Chronicles Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
This kindle book is short, but packs a wallop. Jacqueline's writing style is what I would call "shotgun style". Many go to prison for crimes they did not commit. DNA testing today can free them and help authorities find the true criminal(s). Jacqueline contacted the spirit of the victim who told her that the DNA would prove her mother did not murder her. If you know someone incarcerated who you feel is innocent, who was convicted by trumped up charges, or framed, use this book to help you know what to do so that they may be freed. Mediums like Jacqueline Lunger can help find the true culprit, and DNA testing is conclusive.

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