Welcome, this is a non judgmental spiritual practice. You are invited to share your sincere thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of ridicule or criticism.
  Welcome, this is a non judgmental spiritual practice.  You are invited to share your sincere thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of ridicule or criticism. 

Jacqueline's written (2)  non fiction books about messages from those in Spirit.  Their welcome intervention helped to restore justice people's lives.

There's DNA to Prove It:  Message from Beyond 



Commander Collins' Will 


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Spirit messages and guidance come at the most heart-full times of our lives. Such was the case when Commander Collins' reached out from the spirit side of life to seek help with the management of his estate and will. The author, Jacqueline Lunger, is a l
The author, Jacqueline Lunger, is a certified psychic medium and Spiritualist minister. She goes where Spirit calls her to serve. Buffalo NY, 2006, was one of those places. This story is factual, non fiction, and mind opening work. Two falsely convict

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