Welcome, this is a non judgmental spiritual practice. You are invited to share your sincere thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of ridicule or criticism.
  Welcome, this is a non judgmental spiritual practice.  You are invited to share your sincere thoughts, feelings and experiences without fear of ridicule or criticism. 

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Jacqueline is a 4th generation Spiritualist, Seer, Ordained Minister, Clairvoyant Medium, Healer, Author and Artist dedicated to bringing wisdom, and positive energy from the highest source possible.

 Rev. Jacqueline Lunger is 4th generation Spiritualist, Certified Psychic Medium, Healer, Artist and Author serving the greatest good!

Testimony 10/3/17:  More than ever, i can "testify" Jacqueline is the "Real McCoy" in Quantum dimensions  and "Just Is" MANY MANY finely Attuned and Honed "Gifts"....that can help another Clear & Clarify, Effortless Ease, Authentic Expression. D Mills


A favorable book review from a successful author is the height of praise, I am humbly appreciative for those authors who have read and encouraged my writing to continue. Rosanne writes about Victorian Buffalo NY check her out! 5

A fascinating true story! By Rosanne Higgins author of the series 
"Orphans and Inmates"
 on August 19, 2015  Format: Kindle Edition   Verified Purchase
On ce I started reading this book, I could not put it down! A story about how
both Modern Spiritualism and modern science were employed to free a woman
wrongly convicted of her daughter's murder could easily be a work of fiction, but
this case was real and so was the women who was released from prison as the
result of a series of events that would appear to have been random, but were not.
I was fascinated by the story and found myself full of questions that I hope will be
answered in the author’s next book.


II also want to thank Anne Rait from Scotland, Lynn Russel from Canada, Eileen
McNamara  Erie PA &Charles Emmons from Gettysburg, PA; each one an
accomplished author.  Their validation has encouraged me to write another book. 

Signed Books available  $10.00

There's DNA to Prove It: Message from Beyond
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