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 Rev. Jacqueline Lunger is 4th generation Spiritualist, Certified Psychic Medium, Healer and Author serving seekers with dedication to the greatest good!


A favorable book review from a successful author is the height of praise, I am humbly appreciative for those authors who have read and complimented my book. I post Rosanne's review here because she too writes about Buffalo NY.  5

A fascinating true story! By Rosanne Higgins author of the series 
"Orphans and Inmates"
nce I started reading this book, I could not put it down! A story about how
both Modern Spiritualism and modern science were employed to free a woman
wrongly convicted of her daughter's murder could easily be a work of fiction, but
this case was real and so was the women who was released from prison as the
result of a series of events that would appear to have been random, but were not.
I was fascinated by the story and found myself full of questions that I hope will be
answered in the author’s next book.


II also want to thank Anne Rait from Scotland, Lynn Russel from Canada, Eileen
McNamara  Erie PA &Charles Emmons from Gettysburg, PA; each one an
accomplished author.  Their validation has encouraged me to write another book.

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