"We are eternally Spiritual Beings, even in human form. "  "Love is Natural, Be Love" I offer individual and family sessions, healing, past life exploration and spirit communication           in person and by phone.    For appointments  Email:  jackielunger@gmail.com                                                                           

Compassionate Ear

Jacqueline creates a welcoming and soothing atmosphere for people who wish to connect with her. A friendly approach makes for a comfortable and nurturing relationship. We trust what we feel. 


"A spiritual group may study share experiences and focus universal energy towards a common goal. Yet the spiritual journey is always done in solitude for each person can only proceed from the perspective they alone possess" 
(Throw in the Tao--Wildhorses)





Jacqueline's Positive Approach includes intuitive counseling, psychic mediumship and intuitive approaches to unresolved issues.  Accepting invitations to speak and teach at your church club or organization.

Caring, Confidential, Creative, here to assist you with clarification of your values and goals. Relying on this method is intended to enhance your path to greater wholeness and clarity.

The intuitive hot wax painting above shows a woman with tiger stripe skin riding a dragon.  They emerge from the swampy abyss as a well honed team.  The tiger and dragon are classic yin yang symbols.

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